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  • Micro RACK Chest Rig

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    The Micro RACK is a minimalist version of the RACKminus – creating the world’s lightest MOLLE compatible chestrig.  The Micro is trimmed down to just 6 MOLLE columns – enough to carry a few magazines, radio pouch, medical kit, or any other mission essential equipment while still being light and slim for increased mobility.  This is the ideal platform for low vis / low profile, SAR, or a slimmed down range rig.

  • PLATEminus

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    PLATEminus was designed from the ground up to be the lightest plate carrier available. Perfect for low profile / low-viz work, PLATEminus eliminated all of the unnecessary bulk enabling it to be worn under outer garments while still being fully MOLLE compatible.


  • PLATEminus V2

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    The PLATEminus V2 or simply “PLATE 2” is a result of direct feedback from both our extensive beta testing and customers of the PLATEminus.  Not only is PLATE 2 the second in the PLATEminus line but is the solution for the two most requested features – side plate pockets and a cummerbund.

  • RACKminus Chest Rig

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    RACKminus – a flexible, MOLLE compatible chestrig minus the weight, minus the bulk. RACKminus combines MOLLEminus technology and ULTRAcomp to create the world’s lightest chest rig.


    The RACKminus has been stripped of every unnecessary gram of weight and potential failure point creating the world’s lightest MOLLE compatible chest rig. At half the thickness of a dime,  RACKminus is constructed of  ULTRAcomp – a proprietary material that is flame resistant, stays dry and light, with a durability that meets or excceds 1000d CORDURA® fabric. The reduced bulk allows the RACKminus to ride closer to the body and is adjustable for use with or without armor.