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  • VTAC Assault Chest Rig

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    The VTAC Assault Chest Rig was designed using the lightest, yet durable materials in the industry. The VTAC Chest Rig comes ready for action with 4 built in M-4 magazine pouches, 2 Radio Pouches, 2 Pistol Magazine Pouches, and two General Purpose pouches. This vest was designed by Special Operations Soldiers to give the Operator a lightweight, low profile, chest rig option.




  • VTAC Assault Chest Rig MOLLE

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    The VTAC Molle chest rig was designed using the lightest, yet durable materials in the industry. The VTAC Molle vest was designed by experienced Special Operations Soldiers to be easily adjustable, lightweight, and very functional. This vest is designed to give the Operator the option of adding or moving pouches as they see fit. 4 M-4 magazine pouches are built into the vest and ride extremely tight to the users body. This product is 100% MADE in the USA.



  • VTAC Combat Suspenders

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    Using the time tested Army scissor suspenders as inspiration, we designed the VTAC Combat Suspenders. These suspenders connect with an easy on and off “G Hook” allowing the user to connect to normal belt loops for daily wear as well as quickly configuring to be used with your duty belt. The provided adapter allows the user to configure belts and molle for suspender integration. Unlike other suspenders, the low profile VTAC suspenders will not catch on gear and do not pull belts up or down as you bend. You will find that these suspenders also work nice when carrying concealed helping hold your belt exactly where you want it. These suspenders also fit nicely under body armor for extended use.